BSN Program - Application Process

The Basics Before Applying

Course Work

To be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, with advanced standing, applicants must have a completed bachelor's degree or significant progress (minimum of 48 non-nursing university transferable credits) toward a degree in another field of study. Note: Applied degrees will be considered on case-by-case basis. In this accelerated program, students enter at a level equivalent to that of third-year university and complete 81 nursing credits in five consecutive terms. Because of limitations in clinical placements and resources, enrolment is limited.


The following courses are required:

  • First-year English (3 credits): English 112 is recommended or an equivalent first year higher education English composition course. Exceptionally, this English prerequisite may be waived for students who have completed a bachelor's degree from an accredited university (where English was the main language of instruction during that degree).
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology (6 credits): BIOL 153 (7 credits) is recommended or an equivalent human anatomy and physiology course/courses. As a general guideline, Human Anatomy and Physiology courses must have been completed within the last seven years. NOTE: As of May 2013, BIOL 155 will no longer satisfy the human anatomy and physiology requirement. We will accept BIOL 155 courses completed by the end of April 2013 as meeting this requirement.

Looking to take the equivalent of first year English or Human Anatomy & Physiology?

Click here for a listing of equivalent courses. In addition to the human anatomy & physiology courses listed, other human anatomy and physiology courses may be acceptable to the School subject to an internal review. Details of the internal review process for Human Anatomy and Physiology Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR) Application and information can be found at

Minimum Admission Average

Applicants are required to have a minimum 70% or grade point average of 2.8 (calculated on a 4-point scale) based upon the most recent 30 credits completed at the undergraduate level.

College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC) Registration Requirements

When you complete your education program and apply to register as a Registered Nurse with the CRNBC you must meet the CRNBC Competencies and Standards for Entry-Level Registered Nurse Practice in British Columbia. For a student to meet these requirements certain basic skills and abilities are needed and it is important that you are aware of these prior to applying for admission to the nursing program. The requirements are called the Requisite Skills and Abilities and are described on the CRNBC's Website at:

If you have concerns about whether or not you have the required skills and abilities for admission to or progression through the nursing program you can contact the Access and Diversity resource centre at 604-822-5844 or on the website at

Immunization Policy Alert:

The School of Nursing's immunization policies for undergraduate students reflect the directive from the provincial government regarding their influenza immunization infection control policy. These measures, for all health care workers, include either receiving the influenza vaccination (the preferred option) or wearing a surgical/procedure mask during flu season. If you have any questions or concerns about this or other required immunizations, please contact, Cathy Ebbehoj, the Admissions Advisor at or 604-822-7468.

Application and Document Deadlines

Remember: There are two parts to the application process
1) apply to the university
2) you will be referred to complete the on-line supplemental application.

Since the number of qualified applicants normally considerably exceeds the number of places available, fulfillment of the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. The process is competitive and the School reserves the right of selection of all students for admission and readmission to the School. While we consider all applicants in the final post-interview selection process, Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be given preference.

The School will select for admission those students who not only demonstrate academic potential but also most aptly display a motivation to study nursing and demonstrate the qualities, skills and clinical aptitude most necessary to be a caring and professional nurse.

UBC Application for undergraduate admissions

Application for admission to the School of Nursing must be made through Undergraduate Admissions, online at no later than December 1st (please review website in early October to confirm this date) to be considered for the Winter Session, starting September 2016.

All new UBC applications must be supported by official final transcripts of the applicant's academic record at all post-secondary institutions attended (sent to UBC Enrolment Services).

Former/Current UBC students must submit an "Application for Re-Admission and/or a Change of Degree Program/Campus" form, and do not need to submit a UBC transcript. However, an official transcript from any other post-secondary institutions that you have attended during or since this time must also be submitted.

Current UBC students applying for a change of degree program will not lose their eligibility in the current program.

You may start applying in late August. All applicants including current and returning UBC students must apply by December 1st. Be sure to choose the BSN program offered at UBC-Vancouver campus.

Here is a step by step breakdown:
If you have never been a UBC student:

  1. Go to
  2. Read instructions and click on Create an Account
  3. Follow the prompts and you're on your way!
If you have been or currently are a UBC student:
  1. Visit the online Student Service Centre and log into your CWL account.
  2. Complete an Application for Re-admission and/or a Change of Degree Program/Campus form

PLEASE NOTE: when you enter UBC-Vancouver BSN as your program of choice, the system will automatically direct you to all forms needed, including the online supplemental application. This application is completed online through the Student Services Centre and is due by 30th FEBRUARY 1, 2016. The Supplemental Application will include the details and contact information of two referees. Reference letters are not required.

Application deadline for Winter Session 2016: December 1, 2015

Transcripts Deadline

All official transcripts must be sent to UBC Enrolment Services and be received by February 1, 2016. There are no exceptions. All applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their official transcripts as soon as possible prior to February 1, 2016 to facilitate early processing of applications.

An official transcript is one bearing an official seal and/or signature of the issuing institution sent directly from that institution to UBC Enrolment Services. Photocopies and legally certified (notarized) copies are not acceptable.

Official transcripts must be sent to the following address: UBC Enrolment Services, 2016–1874 East Mall, Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z1.

Current and former UBC-Vancouver or UBC-Okanagan students are not required to submit UBC transcripts. They must submit official transcripts from any other post-secondary institution they may have attended.

Application Deadlines
UBC Initial Application (online) December 1, 2015
Supplemental Application (online) February 1, 2016
PLAR Application for Review of Human Anatomy and Physiology Courses for Equivalence February 1, 2016
Official Transcript Deadline (including courses in-progress) February 1, 2016
Official Final Transcripts Deadline for In-progress Courses June 15, 2016


  1. We accept official transcripts postmarked by the deadline.
  2. If a deadline falls on the weekend or a statutory holiday, it will be extended to the next business day. For Winter Session 2016, the supplemental application and transcript deadline of January 30th  falls on a weekend, and therefore has been extended to Monday, February 1, 2016.

Students currently attending a college or university must submit an in-progress transcript that includes grades for the September to December semester, as well as a list of courses in-progress from January to Apri. Official final transcripts for courses in progress must be postmarked by the June 15th of the year of entry.

School of Nursing Supplemental Application

The School of Nursing Supplemental Application must complete through the UBC Student Service Centre. Log into your UBC CWL account to access the supplemental application forms.

The above deadline dates may be subject to change. You are required to check the School of Nursing website in early October for final, official document deadline dates.

A processing fee of CAD $117.50 must accompany the supplemental application package. This fee is non-refundable and is made online when you apply. No application will be processed without receipt of this fee.

Selection & Interview Process

An interview is an important component of the selection process.The interview will be conducted in the "Multi Mini-Interview" (MMI) style, in a circuit of 7 or 8 questions. The Multiple Mini-Interviews are designed to allow fair, objective evaluation and assessment of candidates' suitability for a career in nursing.

Selection for interviews will be based on an Admission Index calculated from the academic and non-academic requirements, and applicants will be ranked relative to other applicants. All applicants will be informed of their selection status by the end of the first week in April and those who are selected for an interview will be contacted through email by the School of Nursing Admissions Office. The interview dates for Winter Session 2016 will be posted in November. All selected applicants must attend the interview in person. Interviewed applicants who are accepted will be sent an email with the admission offer and details about the registration procedures. Unsuccessful candidates will also be notified by email.


The UBC website offers excellent information on tuition, scholarships, financial aid and loans. Click here to view.

The 2015/16 tuition fee for Nursing excluding all other costs (e.g. books, housing) based on 48 credits ( 3 terms) is $7,980.96 for Canadian residents and $42,238.56 for International students. For other costs see #33 of Frequently Asked Questions. Note: Tuition fees are reviewed annually by the UBC Board of Governors.

Scholarship Support

Students are encouraged to apply for the numerous bursaries and scholarships available to them. A Guide to Awards and Financial Aid is available through the Office of Awards and Financial Aid. For additional information, see

The School of Nursing offers a variety of scholarships each year. Recipients for most of these awards are decided on by the Awards Committee. A few awards can be applied for and announcements by email with nomination forms will be posted on the School of Nursing BSN Blog and also emailed to current students.

International Qualifications

Those students considering working in other countries as an RN are strongly encouraged to check with the appropriate professional regulatory bodies in those countries that an accelerated RN program will give them the required entry criteria for nurse registration there before they register for the BSN program at UBC-Vancouver.

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