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Acorn, Sonia Professor Emeritasonia.acorn@nursing.ubc.ca
Affleck, Frances Clinical Associate604 822 7459Frances.Affleck@nursing.ubc.ca
Almutairi, Adel Postdoctoral Research Fellowadel.almutairi@nursing.ubc.ca
Anderson, Joan Professor Emeritajoan.anderson@nursing.ubc.ca
Apostoliuk, Kathryn Clinical AssociateKathryn.Apostoliuk@ubc.ca
Arcand, Rhea Adjunct Professor604 948 1717Rhea.Arcand@eastlink.ca
Archer, Laurel Adjunct Professor604 244 5514 laurel.archer@vch.ca


Baillie, Lynne Adjunct Professor  
Baker, Sarah Clinical AssocaiteSarah.Baker@nursing.ubc.ca
Ballantyne, Karen Assistant to the Director604 822 7747directors.assistant@nursing.ubc.ca
Balneaves, Lynda Associate Professor (on-leave)604 822 7679lynda.balneaves@nursing.ubc.ca
Barnwell, Audrey Clinical Associate  
Basso, Melanie Adjunct Professor604 875 3799mbasso@cw.bc.ca
Baumbusch, Jennifer Lyn Assistant Professor604 822 7496jennifer.baumbusch@nursing.ubc.ca
Beaveridge, Jennifer Adjunct Professor604 709 6462jennifer.beaveridge@vch.ca
Beddard-Huber, Elizabeth Adjunct Professor604 875 4111 # 66750Elizabeth.Beddard@vch.ca
Bedell, Barbara Adjunct Professor604 806 9478bbedell@providencehealth.bc.ca
Biling , Ravinder Clinical Associate  
Billing , Kierstie Clinical Associate  
Black, Agnes Adjunct Professor604 682 2344 #66124ablack@providencehealth.bc.ca
Blackburn, Lorraine Adjunct Professor604 875 4111 #68762Lorraine.blackburn.vch.ca
Bolton, Susan Adjunct Professor604 875 2345 local 7574Susan.Bolton@cw.bc.ca
Boschma, Geertje Professor604 822 7457Geertje.Boschma@nursing.ubc.ca
Boston, Patricia Associate Member604 992 0310patricia.boston@familymed.ubc.ca
Bottorff, Joan Associate Member250 807 8627joan.bottorff@ubc.ca
Brar, Kiran Clinical AssociateKiran.Brar@ubc.ca
Brown, Helen Associate Professor604 822 7445Helen.Brown@nursing.ubc.ca
Browne, Annette Professor604 822 7558annette.browne@ubc.ca
Browning , Kathryn Clinical Associate  
Bungay, Victoria Associate Professor604 822 7933vicky.bungay@nursing.ubc.ca
Burns, Susanne Adjunct Professor604 520 4253 Local 526011Susanne.Burns@fraserhealth.ca
Burrows, Marlene Lecturer604 822 7464Marlene.Burrows@nursing.ubc.ca
Butler, Elaine Clinical Practice Placement Coordinator604 822 0347Elaine.Butler@nursing.ubc.ca
Butt, Gail Clinical Assistant Professor604 707 2423 gail.butt@bccdc.ca
Byres, David Adjunct Professor604 806 8367dbyres@providencehealth.bc.ca
Byron, Patricia Adjunct Professor604 875 2345 #7624pbyron@cw.bc.ca


Camacho, Sarah Clinical Associate604 822 7459Sarah.Camacho@nursing.ubc.ca
Campbell, Suzanne Hetzel Director604 822 7748suzanne.campbell@ubc.ca
Canam, Connie Assistant Professor EmeritaConnie.Canam@nursing.ubc.ca
Carino, Khristine Research Manager604 827 3632Khristine.Carino@ubc.ca
Carr, Marcia Adjunct Professor604 434 4211 #3446marcia.carr@fraserhealth.ca
Carty, Elaine Professor Emeritaelaine.carty@nursing.ubc.ca
Cashman, Rosemary Adjunct Professor604 877 6072rcashman@bccancer.bc.ca
Cena, Charlene Clinical Associate  
Chan, Alice Adjunct Professor(604) 682 2344 #62588awchan@providencehealth.bc.ca
Cheung, Anthony Cinical Associate  
Chu, Lucia Clinical Associate  
Clauson, Marion Senior Instructor Emeritamclauson@shaw.ca
Constable, Lisa Adjunct Professor604 520 4038ldconstable@gmail.com
Cook, Karen A. Affiliate Assistant Professorkaren.cook@ubc.ca
Crowell, Phillip David Adjunct Professor778 317 3025pcrowell@cw.bc.ca
Currie, Leanne M. Associate Professor604 822 7485Leanne.Currie@nursing.ubc.ca


d'Agincourt-Canning, Lori Adjunct Professor604 875 3182ldagincourt@cw.bc.ca
Da Silva, Beatrice (Betty) Adjunct Professor604 875 4111 #69235betty.dasilva@vch.ca
Dahinten, Susan Associate Professor604 822 7437Susan.Dahinten@nursing.ubc.ca
Davis, Connie Adjunct Professor604 991 4563cld@conniedavis.ca
Davison, Joyce Associate Member604 875 4328joyce.davison@vch.ca
Deol, Harleen Clinical Associate  
Dewar, Anne Associate Professor Emerita 604 822 7465Anne.Dewar@nursing.ubc.ca
Dewis, Marilyn Assistant Professor Emerita1 250 743 3735dewis@shaw.ca
Dhari, Ranjit Lecturer604 822 6433Ranjit.Dhari@nursing.ubc.ca
Dick, Tania Adjunct Professor604 433 2268tdick@bcnu.org
Dion Stout, Madeleine Honorary Professor  
Dizdarevic, Amra Adjunct Professor604 873 3666amrad@telus.net
Dobson, Sarah Project Director604 822 7498sarah.dobson@ubc.ca
Drummond , Chantelle Clinical Associate  
Dunat, Tatijana Clinical Associate604 822 0384Tatijana.Dunat@nursing.ubc.ca


Ebbehoj, Catherine Lecturer604 822 7468Cathy.Ebbehoj@nursing.ubc.ca
Eddy, Barbara Adjunct Professor604 255 3151barb.eddy@vch.ca
Elfert, Helen Associate Professor Emerita
Ellis, Kaitlin Clinical Associate  
Emery, Christine Adjunct Professor(604) 943 0203chrisemarkc@dccnet.com
Ericksen, Janet Assistant Professor EmeritaEricksen@telus.net
Esson, Lynne Lecturer604 822 7474Lynne.Esson@nursing.ubc.ca
Etesami, Alex Manager, Information Technology604 822 7434Alex.Etesami@ubc.ca


Fitzsimmons, Barbara Adjunct Professor604 875 3505bfitzsimmons@cw.bc.ca
Fladmark, Matthew Clinical AssociateMatthew.Fladmark@ubc.ca
Flaherty, Mary Adjunct Professor604 877 6000 #672607mflaherty2@bccancer.bc.ca
Fong, Maylene Adjunct Professor604 708 5285maylene.fong@vch.ca
Foster, Jodie Nurse Practitioner Clinical AssociateJodie.Foster@nursing.ubc.ca
Foster, Paula Clinical AssociatePaula.Foster@nursing.ubc.ca
Fraser, Shelley Adjunct Professor604 682 2344 #63709SFraser@providencehealth.bc.ca
Frechette, Christine Clinical Skills Lab Technician604 822 7277Christine.Frechette@nursing.ubc.ca
Fung, Iris Clinical Associate  


Galte, Carol Adjunct Professor604 520 4253 #526011Carol.Galte@fraserhealth.ca
Gamble, Tanu Social Science Researcher604 822 0389Tanu.Gamble@nursing.ubc.ca
Garossino, Candy Adjunct Professor604 806 8265cgarossino@providencehealth.bc.ca
Garrett, Bernie Associate Professor604 822 7443Bernie.Garrett@nursing.ubc.ca
Gill, Ranit Clinical Associate  
Goldstone, Irene L. Adjunct Professorirene.goldstone@gmail.com
Gravelle, Anna Adjunct Professor604 875 2345 #7005
Green, Clarissa P. Associate Professor Emerita604 874 6930clarissagreen@shaw.ca
Grierson, Brynn Adjunct Professor604 682 2344 #63383bgrierson@providencehealth.bc.ca
Griffin, Shannon Adjunct Professor604 875 4111 #69262shannone.griffin@vch.ca
Groening, Marlee Lecturer604 822 0366marlee.groening@nursing.ubc.ca
Gue, Deb Adjunct Professor604 682 2344, ext 66016dgue@providencehealth.bc.ca
Gustavson, Kris Adjunct Professor(604) 875 3088kgustavson@cw.bc.ca


Haden, Mark Adjunct Professor604 267 3975mark.haden@vch.ca
Haines-Saah, Rebecca Postdoctoral Research FellowN/A
Hakami, Rana Manager, Student Services604 822 7497Rana.Hakami@nursing.ubc.ca
Hall, Wendy Professor604 822 7447Wendy.Hall@nursing.ubc.ca
Han, Christina Social Science Researcher/Project Director604 822 2581Christina.Han@nursing.ubc.ca
Harding, Jillian Lecturer 604 822 7063Jillian.Harding@nursing.ubc.ca
Harrison, Scott Adjunct Professor604 806 8623sharrison@providencehealth.bc.ca
Harwood, Gillian Adjunct Professor604 587 4649gillian.harwood@fraserhealth.ca
Hatton, Doreen Adjunct Professordhatton.diabetescare@telus.net
Hay, Christy Adjunct Professor604 875 2000 #5263cxhay@cw.bc.ca
Henderson, Angela Associate Professor EmeritaAngela.Henderson@nursing.ubc.ca
Henderson, Shevon Clinical Associate  
Hewat, Roberta Associate Professor EmeritaRoberta.Hewat@nursing.ubc.ca
Hilton, Ann Professor Emeritaann.hilton@shaw.ca
Hinkkala, Colleen   
Hislop, Gregory Associate Membergmhislop@telus.net
Hsiung, Pey Yuan Clinical Associate  
Huerta Rodas, Alejandro Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Programs604 822 0380ahuerta.rodas@ubc.ca
Hughes, Anna Marie Assistant Professor Emerita
Hughes, Merrilee Research Network Manager604 822 0328Merrilee.Hughes@nursing.ubc.ca
Humphrys, Sue Research Secretary604 822 7221Sue.Humphrys@nursing.ubc.ca
Hunt, Patricia (Trish) MacCarthy Adjunct Professor604 877 6130thunt@phsa.ca


Jackson, Cathryn Senior Instructor604 822 7432Cathryn.Jackson@nursing.ubc.ca
Jalil, Gail Clinical Associate  
Janssen, Patti Associate Member604 875 2424 #5415pjanssen@interchange.ubc.ca
Jefferson, Rosella Adjunct Professorrjefferson@cw.bc.ca
Jetha, Farah LecturerFarah.Jetha@nursing.ubc.ca
Jezierski , Lindsay Clinical Associate  
Jillings, Carol Associate Professor EmeritaCarol.Jillings@nursing.ubc.ca
Joachim, Gloria Associate Professor EmeritaGloria.Joachim@nursing.ubc.ca
Johnson, Joy Professor (on leave)604 822 7435joy.johnson@ubc.ca
Johnson, Kay Adjunct Professorkjohnson@cw.bc.ca
Johnson, Lindsay Clinical Associate  
Josewski, Viviane Research ManagerViviane.Josewski@nursing.ubc.ca


Kaan, Annemarie Adjunct Professor604 806 8976akaan@providencehealth.bc.ca
Kapoor, Anjeli Clinical Associate  
Keith, Patricia Adjunct Professor604 875 4111, loc.67210Patty.Keith@vch.ca
Khan, Koushambhi Basu Senior Research Manager604 827 3076Koushambhi.Khan@nursing.ubc.ca
Konishi, Chiaki Postdoctoral Research Fellowckonishi@interchange.ubc.ca
Konn, Will Clinical AssociateWill.Konn@ubc.ca
Krist, Jennifer Lecturer604 822 7063Jennifer.Krist@nursing.ubc.ca
Krystal, Arden Adjunct Professor604 675 7493arden.krystal@phsa.ca
Kwa, Yandi Adjunct Professor604 669 9181yandi.kwa@vch.ca


Lauck, Sandra Clinical Assistant Professorsandra.lauck@ubc.ca
Lawrie, Barbara Adjunct Professor604 875 5459Barb.Lawrie@vch.ca
Lawton, Jennie Clinical Associate604 822 7458Jennifer.Lawton@nursing.ubc.ca
Lee, Lily Adjunct Professor604 875 3763lily.lee@phsa. ca
Leonard, Linda Associate Professor Emeritalinda.leonard@ubc.ca
Leung, Larry Associate member  
Levy, Karen Adjunct Professor604 877 6140klevy@bccancer.bc.ca
Little , Margaret Clinical Associate  
Long, Phoebe Knowledge Translation and Exchange Manager604 822 3183phoebe.long@nursing.ubc.ca
Lu, Gordon Financial Processing Specialist604 822 7931gordon.lu@ubc.ca
Lund, Adam Associate Memberalund@interchange.ubc.ca
Lynam, M. Judith Professor604 822 7476Judith.Lynam@nursing.ubc.ca


MacDonald, Valerie Adjunct Professorvalerie.macdonald@fraserhealth.ca
Mackay, Martha Clinical Assistant Professor604 682 2344 x63127mmackay@providencehealth.bc.ca
MacPhee, Maura Associate Professor604 822 2891Maura.MacPhee@nursing.ubc.ca
Majkowki, Piotr Clinical AssociatePiotr.Majkowki@ubc.ca
Manio, Trisha Clinical AssociateTrisha.Manio@nursing.ubc.ca
Mann, Dalbir (Debbie) Clinical Associate604 822 7471Debbie.Mann@nursing.ubc.ca
Marshall, Helga Lecturer604 822 7209Helga.Marshall@nursing.ubc.ca
Matsusaka, Mauree Undergraduate Preceptorship Placement Coordinator604 827 1331Mauree.Matsusaka@nursing.ubc.ca
Mavinic, Susanne (Sue) Adjunct Professor604 987 4153mavinic@telus.net
McBurney, Sheila Lecturer604 822 0359Sheila.McBurney@nursing.ubc.ca
McCall, Jane Adjunct Professor604 682 2344 #63296JMcCall@providencehealth.bc.ca
McCuaig, Fairleth Lecturer604 822 0318Fairleth.McCuaig@nursing.ubc.ca
McCullum, Mary Adjunct Professor604 877 6000 #2325mmccullum@bccancer.bc.ca
Mcilwain , Dawn Clinical Associate  
McLeod (Klips), Barbara Elaine Adjunct Professor604 918 7482barbara.mcleod@fraserhealth.ca
McPherson, Gladys Assistant Professor604 822 7456Gladys.McPherson@nursing.ubc.ca
Meloche, Margaret Adjunct Professor604 412 6602margaret.meloche@fraserhealth.ca
Michalson, Laraine Adjunct Professor604 216 1681laraine.michalson@vch.ca
Mickelson, Grace M. Adjunct Professor604 875 2345 #4768gmickelson@phsa.ca
Mildon, Barbara Adjunct Professorbarbara.mildon@utoronto.ca
Min, Jason Associate member  
Mislang, Jonathan Clinical Associate/Clinical Simulation EducatorJonathan.Mislang@nursing.ubc.ca
Mitchell, Keren Adjunct Professorkeren.mitchell@vch.ca
Moffat, Barbara Project Director604 250 2957Barb.Moffat@nurisng.ubc.ca
Mogan, Judith Assistant Professor Emerita
Muir, Janice Loreen Adjunct Professor604 682 2344 #62791jmuir@providencehealth.bc.ca


Nagra, Nadeep clinical associate  
Nalewajek, Fil Adjunct Professorfnalewajek@gmail.com
Narayan, Jane Clinical AssociateJane.Narayan@ubc.ca
Nathoo, Afshan Adjunct Profesor604 312 1912afshan.nathoo@gmail.com
Naval, Andre Clinical Lab Assistant604 827 1307andre.naval@ubc.ca
Ng, Cara Project Director604 822 7431Cara.Ng@nursing.ubc.ca
Niskala, Helen Associate Professor Emerita
Nixon, Suzanne Adjunct Professor604 682 2344 #66770snixon@providencehealth.bc.ca
Nsibambi, Eseza HR Specialist604 822 0373eseza.nsibambi@nursing.ubc.ca


O’Flynn-Magee, Kathy Senior Instructor, Associate Director, Undergraduate Program604 822 7472Kathy.OFlynnMagee@nursing.ubc.ca
Obara, Stephanie Cinical AssociateStephanie.Obara@ubc.ca
Oliffe, John Professor604 822 7638John.Oliffe@nursing.ubc.ca


Palmer, Lynne Adjunct Professor604 585 5666 #778062lynne.palmer@fraserhealth.ca
Panessa, Ciro Adjunct Professor604 707 2426ciro.panessa@gov.bc.ca
Paone, Mary Adjunct ProfessorMPaone@cw.bc.ca
Parker, Donelda Associate Professor Emerita604 228 1362 dparker@interchange.ubc.ca
Parker, Joanne Research Manager604 827 0570joanne.parker@nursing.ubc.ca
Pawlak, Anna Clinical Associate  
Payne, Jill NP Clinical AssociateJill.Payne@ubc.ca
Payne, Sarah Adjunct Professor604 875 3239sarahpayne50@gmail.com
Penney, Betty (Christine) Adjunct Professor604 736 7331 #315penney@crnbc.ca
Perry, Jo Ann Associate Professor Emeritajoannperry742@gmail.com
Phinney, Alison Associate Professor604 822 7484Alison.Phinney@nursing.ubc.ca
Pillay, Jeyachandra Clinical AssociateJeyachandra.Pillay@nursing.ubc.ca
Polyhronopoulos, Nancy Clinical AssociateNancy.Polyhronopoulos@nursing.ubc.ca
Porcino, Antony Project Director604 827 2160Antony.Porcino@nursing.ubc.ca
Porterfield, Patricia Adjunct Professor605 875 5600 Loc.67624Pat.Porterfield@vch.ca
Poulton, Brenda Adjunct Professor604 520 4988brenda.poulton@fraserhealth.ca
Prince, Jennifer Adjunct Professor604 875 4111 #67432jenni.prince@vch.ca
Prodan-Bhalla, Natasha Adjunct Professor604 875 2751nprodanbhalla@cw.bc.ca
Purdey, Alice Adjunct Professoralice.purdey@shaw.ca


Rea, Gail Clinical AssociateGail.Rea@nursing.ubc.ca
Reimer-Kent, Jocelyn Adjunct Professor604 520 4369jocelyn_reimer-kent@ssfhr.hnet.bc.ca
Ricci, Joanne Senior Instructor604 822 7506Joanne.Ricci@nursing.ubc.ca
Rice, Alison Assistant Professor EmeritaAlison.Rice@nursing.ubc.ca
Roberts, Della Adjunct Professor(604) 946 1121 #783249della.roberts@fraserhealth.ca
Robertson, Trudy Adjunct Professor604 520 4715 or 604 613 7939Trudy.Robertson@fraserhealth.ca
Rodney, Patricia Associate Professor604 822 7507Paddy.Rodney@nursing.ubc.ca


Saewyc, Elizabeth Professor604 822 7505elizabeth.saewyc@ubc.ca
Sakamoto , Mariko Clinical Associate  
Sanghera, Raman Clinical AssociateRaman.Sanghera@ubc.ca
Sawchuck, Diane Adjunct Professor604 875 2424 x4886dsawchuck@phsa.ca
Schalkwyk, Tilly Adjunct Professor604 806 9545tschalkwyk@providencehealth.bc.ca
Schott, Tracy A. Adjunct Professor604 875 4111 # 66969Tracy.Schott@vch.ca
Schwartz, Linda Adjunct Professor604 682 2344 @66198LSchwartz@providencehealth.bc.ca
Scott, Lorine Adjunct Professor604 875 2345 #5485lscott@cw.bc.ca
Segaric, Cheryl Lecturer604 822 7565Cheryl.Segaric@nursing.ubc.ca
Semeniuk, Pat Adjunct Professorpat.semeniuk@shaw.ca
Serrano, Elena Adjunct Professorebasque@telus.net
Shapera, Leah Adjunct Professor604 806 8484lshapera@providencehealth.bc.ca
Shaw, Maureen Adjunct Professor604 875 5666 #61759maureen.shaw@vch.ca
Shore, Helen Associate Professor Emerita(604) 731 9588helenlshore@shaw.ca
Shorthouse, Lucy Adjunct Professorlshorthouse@shaw.ca
Simpson, Peggy (Margaret) Adjunct Professor604 806 8143pasimpson@providencehealth.bc.ca
Siu, Ellen Manager, Operations & Finance604 822 7749Ellen.Siu@ubc.ca
Slemon, Alice Clinical Associate  
Solk, Deborah Clinical AssociateDeborah.Solk@nursing.ubc.ca
Southam, Kelly Records & Scheduling Assistant604 822 7489Kelly.Southam@nursing.ubc.ca
St. Laurent, Drew Recruitment and Graduate Admissions Officer604 822 7446Drew.St.Laurent@nursing.ubc.ca
Stanton, Sheila Associate Professor Emerita
Stewart, Miriam Adjunct Professor604 613 0154mstewart@providencehealth.bc.ca
Straight, Heather Anne Adjunct Professor604 875 4111 #66647heather.straight@vch.ca
Strecha, Eilidh Clinical Associate  
Stutzer, Cynthia Adjunct Professor(604) 875 2345, loc.7078cstutzer@cw.bc.ca
Swallow, Heather Faculty & Communications Assistant 604 822 7442Heather.Swallow@ubc.ca
Swanson, Monica Clinical Associate604 822 7458Monica.Swanson@nursing.ubc.ca
Syme, Ann Associate Member enzyme@shaw.ca


Tait, Patricia Scholarship Development & Grant Facilitator604 822 1409patricia.tait@ubc.ca
Tan, Elsie Senior Instructor604 822 7481Elsie.Tan@nursing.ubc.ca
Tang, Tracy Communications Manager604 827 3367 tracy.tang@nursing.ubc.ca
Taverner (Whitehead), Tarnia Assistant Professor604 822 7288tarnia.taverner@nursing.ubc.ca
Taylor, Donna clinical associate  
Taylor, Suzanne Adjunct Professorsuzmtaylor@yahoo.ca
Tenn, Louise Senior Instructor Emeritalouisetenn@hotmail.com
Thompson, Ray Assistant Professor Emeritus
Thorne, Sally Professor604 822 7482Sally.Thorne@nursing.ubc.ca
Thorson, Natalie Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs604 822 7473natalie.thorson@nursing.ubc.ca
Thumath, Meaghan Anne Adjunct Professor604 314 8906meaghan.thumath@vch.ca
Tobert, Sharon Adjunct Professor604 709 6435
Tognazzini, Paula Senior Instructor EmeritaPaula.Tognazzini@nursing.ubc.ca
Tomney, Christine Clinical Associate  
Torrence , Emily Cliincal Associate  
Tuckett , Anthony Affiliate Professor a.tuckett@uq.edu.au


Unger, Connie Clinical AssociateConnie.Unger@nursing.ubc.ca


Valkenier, Beverley Lecturer604 822 7639Bev.Valkenier@nursing.ubc.ca
Varcoe, Colleen Professor604 827 3121Colleen.Varcoe@nursing.ubc.ca
Vasiljevic, Ruxandra Undergraduate Admissions Assistant604 822 9754Ruxandra.Vasiljevic@nursing.ubc.ca
Vedam, Saraswathi Associate Member 604 822 7016saraswathi.vedam@midwifery.ubc.ca
Vicol, Laura Adjunct Professor604 875 6719lvicol@cw.bc.ca


Walia, Atit Clinical AssociateAtit.Walia@nursing.ubc.ca
Walker, Janet E. Adjunct Professor604 875 2121 #223777jwalker@cw.bc.ca
Walks (Bees), Fiona Adjunct Professor604 877 6098 #2623fwalks@bccancer.bc.ca
Wallace, Patricia Clinical AssociatePatricia.Wallace@nursing.ubc.ca
Wannamaker, Susan L. Adjunct Professor604 875 5875susan.wannamaker@vch.ca
Warbinek, Ethel Assistant Professor Emerita604 538 5066ethel@ethelwarbinek.com
Warn, Dana Clinical AssociateDana.Warn@nursing.ubc.ca
Warnock, Fay Assistant Professor604 822 7454Fay.Warnock@nursing.ubc.ca
Webster , Barbara Clinical Associate  
Wejr, Patricia Adjunct Professor604 433 2268 #2105pwejr@bcnu.org
Whyte, Nora Adjunct Professor(250) 338 8062nwhyte@shaw.ca
Wilcox, Jacqueline Clinical Associate  
Wilkinson, Carolyn Adjunct Professor250 360 5720carolyn.wilkinson@caphealth.org
Williams, Chelsea Clinical Associate  
Willman, Marilyn Professor Emerita
Wilson , Bob Office Supervisor604 827 1359bob.wilson@ubc.ca
Wilson, Margot Adjunct Professor604 682 2344 #66522mwilson@providencehealth.bc.ca
Wolff, Angela Clinical Assistant Professor604 953 5112 #769606angela.wolff@fraserhealth.ca
Wong, Jennifer Clinical Associate  
Wong, Sabrina Professor604 827 5584Sabrina.Wong@nursing.ubc.ca
Wong, Seetna Financial Processing Specialist604 822 7422seetna.wong@ubc.ca
Wu, Joyce Administrative Assistant604 822 7453Joyce.Wu@nursing.ubc.ca
Wyness, Anne Associate Professor EmeritaAnne.Wyness@ubc.ca


Yasenchuk, Andriy LAN Administrator604.822.7439Andriy.Yasenchuk@nursing.ubc.ca
Young, Susan Adjunct Professorsueyoung@telus.net


Zerr, Sheila Rankin Adjunct Professor
Zhao, Jennifer Jing eLearning Technologist604 827 3101Jennifer.Zhao@nursing.ubc.ca
Zilm, Glennis Honorary Professorgzilm@telus.net

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